Clean and Clear offer a professional drive and patio cleaning service using the latest jet washing equipment covering the Birmingham and West Midlands areas.

We understand when your driveway was initially installed it was pristine and enhanced the look of your home. However over time driveways and patio areas can lose their sparkle due to discolouration from various sources including the sun, ugly oil stains and tyre marks and also the inevitable effects of mother nature including the build up of weeds, grass, algae, lichen, and moss.

Not only do these unwanted build ups detract from the appearance of your driveway or patio, but can also pose a danger creating slippery surfaces especially when wet.

Clean and Clear has the remedy to your driveway and patio problems, potentially saving you thousands of pounds by avoiding a very expensive new installation, by recapturing the look of the driveway or patio as if it were brand new again.

Our Water jet washing service will restore your driveway and patio areas creating a clean surface for you to enjoy once again.

Our Water jet washing driveway and patio cleaning service includes:

  • Deep clean jet wash
  • Weed killing and removal
  • Minor repair work to surfaces
  • Re-sanding using fresh kiln dried sand
  • Application of suitable sealer (optional)

Our professional pressure jet washing services also cover the cleaning of all types of surfaces including

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