Driveway and patio jet cleaning professionals in Kings Norton & Northfield

Jet washing driveways with hi tech equipment

Due to constant use, however careful you are, driveways over time will become unsightly and potentially dangerous and slippery under foot due to the build up of oil stains rubber marks, weeds, moss and algae. Having your driveway cleaned can make a big difference not only to what your visitors see but also to your and their safety and also adding to the overall appearance of your property.

Our state of the art hi tech jet cleaning machinery will remove with ease all the gradually built up stains, debris and algae.

Regular driveway cleaning

The cleaning process involves the use of environmentally friendly cleaning materials so not only do we achieve amazing results – everytime, but we do it in a non harmful way to the environment and without damaging the existing driveway!

Having your driveway cleaned and maintained on a regular basis extends the life of your driveway, so you are saving money by avoiding the unnecessary cost of replacement but also potentially increasing the value of your property with a beautiful and fresh looking driveway.

Complete driveway and patio cleaning services

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Our Water jet washing driveway and patio cleaning service includes:

  • Deep clean jet wash
  • Weed killing and removal
  • Minor repair work to surfaces
  • Re-sanding using fresh kiln dried sand
  • Application of suitable sealer (optional)

We offer professional pressure jet washing services in the Kings Norton and Northfield areas and also cover the cleaning of all types of surfaces including

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